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Moonlight Silhouette

I will always protect you

As of Today I am retiring this journal. I will be updating on my new journal more often, and am only keeping this one for private friend entries(meaning only the people on the list as of today will be able to read them. So it will be used only for the really private stuff). My new journal is xsailor_moonx. If you want to be added, go to that journal. Thank you.

Well being a superhero is no easy task, what with having to take care of everyone and dodging hormone crazed males left and right. It can grow to be quite tiring. Then there is the hectic schedule of work and school. What? Did you think that superheros don't work? We have to put bread on the table somehow, it's not like we're paid to do the marvelous things that we do. Plus there's the keeping in shape side of the deal too. Finding the time and energy for all this is quite a task, but we are super hero's after all, our job is never done.